Current Work

Here you can see the most recent work I have just finished or I believe I have finished. Almost all paintings ar for sale. The ones which are not are marked accordingly. This is the place where I regularly will upload the new paintings so you can easily follow my work process. Painting is paradoxical: it is planned spontaneity or controlled aleatoric or lucid trance, conscious automatism, sober dreaming. Although the entire process is a continuous automatic decision making it has little to do, at least in my case, with rational thinking. When I paint I do not think about emotion or theory, I paint in the flow, totally absorbed by the process, often with a vague visual idea in mind. While immersed in the process time stops. The painting develops into a coherent form, sometimes it is repainted from scratch or abandonned. Painting involves risk taking, rejecting, making mistakes, destroying, painting over and over... Development as a painter is a slow process. There are no big jumps. The initial 10,000 hours are barely enough to learn the craft. Finding your own voice takes sometimes twice as much. What triggers the idea for the next painting? It can be a bad news paper photograph, a funny magazine picture, strange images I saw, an old family album, pictures friends sent me, pictures I took while traveling, a detail from another artwork... The ideas worthwhile paining are often triggered by chance images and associations.