I was born in Kolozsvár (Transylvania) and raised tri-lingually (Hungarian, Romanian, German). Currently I live and work in Ulm, South Germany.



My formal training began already with 14 when I entered the local Art School in my home town Várad. We had about sixteen extra art hours a week for the next six years and we got a classical, thorough pre academic schooling. Academic training followed in Stuttgart and Paris where I did some printing but most of the time I spent visiting museums (Paris has about 150!), drawing and strolling through town... At the Fashion Institute of Technology and at The School of Visual Arts in New York I studied Interior Design and Graphic Design. I made my living in New York as an Interior Designer, Web Designer and Art Director. The ten years spent in New York were very exciting, extremely enriching and intensive, partly hard and difficult, but in the end I wouldn't want to miss those years. I am glad I had the chance to live there.



Professors I fondly remember for their patience, support and dedicated teaching were Moritz Baumgartl, Egon Lustner, K. R. H. Sönderborg and Sotirios Michou in Stuttgart, Wolfgang Gäfgen in Paris, Nick Politis, Jim Vaughn, Joan Melnick and Milton Glaser in New York.



Concerning my medium: I prefer a mix of techniques: oil on acrylic or tempera grisaille, often a simplified version of the old masters transparent glaze technique which I have studied and copied for a year at the Stuttgart Academy. Sometimes I do water colors and use color pencils to prepare my paintings, or I just go directly with oils to the canvas.



My work process: I do many sketches, copy other artists, observe objects, animals, people, details, reflections, analyze things through drawing, experiment, try different techniques. While traveling I photograph continuously and especially the art I like. As a painter you never really learn out, there is always something new you want to try. I am grateful for the chance I had to visit most big European and American Art Museums.



I am particularly fascinated with the old Flemish and German master's transparent glazes mixed media technique and my favorite art currents are early Renaissance, Mannerism, the so called “primitive” Flames which are anything but primitive, German Renaissance, which I consider to be one of the peaks of art history and early twentieth century experimental european avant-garde work.

Painters never create in a vacuum, there are always roots, and some art historic humus your own little blade of gras grows from. In my case it was the Post Renaissance Mannerism. Favorite painters and currents? Too many to enumerate all of them but here the short list: Bronzino, Pontormo, Parmigianino, Piero die Cosimo, Leonardo, Holbein, Grünewald, van Eyck, Bosch, Hans Baldung Grien, Velasquez, Moroni, Ingres, Ensor, Beckman, Max Ernst, Dada, Surrealism (which I often play with and parody), Cubism, Picabia, de Chirico, Dix, Beckman, Polke, Tübke, the Berlin school of the 80', Neo Rauch, Julian Schnabel, Garouste, Chia....

Please look up also: since there you can see a slightly different perspective.




Between Biscotte & Baguette, Haus der Begegnung Ulm



Neo Mannerism, Remax Gallery, Ulm



Haus der Wirtschaft, Group Exhibition, Ulm



Kunstverein Ulm, Group Exhibition



Kunstverein Ulm, Group Exhibition



New York Portraits and The Memory of Immortality, Kornhauskeller, Ulm



Watercolors, Portraits, Ceramics, Atelier Keramik Neu-Ulm



Steel and Canvas, Hope Street Gallery, New York



Manierismus muss her! Amtsgericht Stuttgart



Neo Manierismus, Kunsthaus Schaller, Suttgart