My art is figurative and symbolic. I paint visual metaphors.


A painted image, I believe, should be relevant, meaningful, unique, not the result of a recipe. Painting for me is an open ended process, a game, a modest adventure.


Most of my paintings are experiments. I mistrust virtuosity, formulas and the “personal style”. If you know exactly how it is going to look in the end, then why paint? The end has to be open, the final result has to come for me as a surprise.


I am perfectly aware of the lack of unity or continuity in my work. I am being consequently inconsequent.


A painting has to be well painted and in the mean time it has to have some sort of message. A painting without content or story is for me a frigid, barren thing.


I would rather have a badly painted funny idea than a well painted abstract image which satisfies only the eye but lacks a spiritual or an intellectual component.


The moment you gain total control over your painting process you start producing predictable arts and crafts. There has to be some difficulty, a hurdle you have to overcome or some technical problem you want to solve.

Please look up also: since there you can see ongoing work and a slightly different perspective.